About this gallery...

All images are converted with my own dithering tool. Attribute size is 8x2 (128k full screen multicolor). There is no picture that was painted by me, all source images came from various PC/Ammy sceners (www.scene.org). Also mention that there was no image that I retouched. This is plain conversion...

ZX multicolor gallery



Topic: Photogallery

Date: 04/05/2018

By: Sh

Subject: tool

nice tool. Do you plan to publish one?


Date: 22/06/2008


Subject: ZX Multicolour Gallery

Respect! Your converter has a superb quality!


Date: 08/07/2008

By: Omega

Subject: Re: ZX Multicolour Gallery

Thanks! I had very hard competitor in yours RetroX! R-X is excellent and much more mature software than my user-unfriendly tool.


Date: 30/04/2008

By: Anestis

Subject: ZX Multicolour Gallery

Nicely converted. Thumbs up


Date: 29/04/2008

By: BloodBaz

Subject: ZX Multicolour Gallery

Nice collection. Keep them coming.
Next job is to make them a side show on the spectrum itself.