Psion: Executör

Psion: Executör


A program launcher, task manager, batch file, simply scripting language with expandability in mind. You can use this application in many ways, from launching other applications, being a shortcut to your document, an intelligent launcher, calculator, Java application wrapper or a toy.

Executor was designed as an improved application patcher (AppPatch), but as there was no strict specification, development evolved into something different.

Same with any other language, there is specific syntax, commands and structures that you need to learn. I would encourage you to look at provided examples. There are number of ways of doing things that we found to be interesting.


After installation you will have access to all plugins that were written up to today. You are free to expand it as you wish. BUT, be aware that uninstalling (from Add/Remove) will delete all original files, including sources of original plugins.


Keep copy of modified plugin sources elsewhere.

Thanks and greets

I would like to thank to Edo and Leo for their time with testing this little toy. Greetings goes to all PSION users!


Get latest version here (Version: 1.074 RC3)

Topic: Psion: Executor

Date: 12/11/2009

By: Edo

Subject: DO UNTIL +

Jsem si jist, můžete to udělat lépe ;)


Date: 10/11/2009

By: Logout

Subject: !

Je zajimave a skvele, ze Imperatör vydal Executör. Samozrejme vyzkousim hned jak dorazim k Psionu.