Sinclair QL QubIDE

Sinclair QL QubIDE


QL is still very interesting computer, it was for me always great inspiration how the system could be designed. If you are interesed in getting a plain QL, it is not too hard, for example go to or eBay and get one. Second thing is to get disk interface and memory expansion. Third step is to get QubIDE - an IDE disk interface. QubIDE was originally designed by Nasta and sold by Qubbesoft, unfortunately it is not produced anymore and PCB fabrication data are not available. Therefore I decided to create a new PCB layout of current Qubide schematics.

Current status

Board is redesigned (thanks to Frank S.), schematics was verified (thanks to Klaus Frank).

PCB will consist of three boards:

  1. Main electronics, qubide is pass-through interface.
  2. IDE daughter PCB
  3. CF daughter PCB

In order to save some space we decided to stack two PCBs. We are also thinking to create another version with memeory expansion (2x512kb SRAM).


Schematics were completely re-drawn from the original, connectors were added. You can get latest work snapshots:

PCB fabrication data are now designed in 4-layer pcb in order to save space. We are planning to make one more round in order to implement another bus terminal connector for memory expansion. It was overlooken in current design. So far, we need to check if the PCB works.

Current PCB design:

Update 21.05.08
  • IC 74HC646 is obsolete. It could be an issue to get it for reasonable price.
Update 09.06.08
  • Prototype boards arrived! Components still on the way...


What QubIDE configuration would you like to have

Standard QubIDE.

QubIDE with 512k or 1MB memory expansion.

QubIDE with FLASH memory or backed up SRAM instead of EPROM.

QubIDE with all above.

Total votes: 474

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