FileNote ER5 released!

16/12/2009 22:58

Yes, it is true! One of the best applications ever written for Nokia 9300/9500 was ported to Psion ER5 machines. Edo was working hard to bring FileNote to our beloved Psion machines. I am hounoured to host this cool application on my site. Get it, it's a must for every psion enthusiast.

A few words...

FileNote is extremely useful and flexible filemanager. Those, who are familiar with Norton Commander's two panel view, will surely like it. FileNote was designed to fit various screen sizes. It was optimised for small B/W screens (just like Revo) and it's using all advantages of colour machines with large displays (netBook).

FileNote is replacement of your favourite ZIP program whatever it was. You can comfortably open, extract, view(!), rename(!), copy, move, execute files inside ZIP archive, just like files inside any other folder. List of FileNote unique features would not be full I would not mention CCopy (collect copy) that works also within different(!) ZIP archives.

FileNote natively supports *.PAC files used by EpocSFX application. You may rename existing ZIP file to *.PAC (and vice versa) or you can specify archive type while archive is being created (ctrl+z).



Install FileNote.sis and all required OPX files.
You are advised to explore extensive mobipocket help from Nokia version.

Association of ZIP files to FileNote...

1) Install plOpen from PsiLoc (now freeware).
2) Associate .ZIP (.JAR) extension in plOpen to FileNote
You can keep your current ZIP manager in order to open ZIPed ZIP archives. FileNote does not support opening of recurse ZIP files.

Note about recogs...

Following info is not specifically related to FileNote, it is a general comment.
Epoc32 is using so called 'recogs' to recognise files with extension (.jpg, .mbm, etc.).You may speed up your system shell (not FileNote!) by following steps:
1) place recogs from all drives into ram (c:\system\recogs\)
2) use plOpen instead of more recog files
    * create c:\system\recogs\backup\
    * move c:\system\recogs\*.* to c:\system\recogs\backup\
    * keep in c:\system\recogs\*.* plOpen.mdl, AlarmRec.rdl

Final Note...

Special thanks to Edo for this wonderful piece of software.

Get it here:

Gallery is here: FileNote

2009/12/07 osg