Psion: DiskList macro

Psion: DiskList macro

Current version: 1.4 (2008/06/15)

Macro5 Hotkey: CTRL + q (works only in System / Desktop


DiskList is very useful macro for Macro5. If you use more compact flash disks, partitions, virtual disks, etc. and you want quickly navigate between them. Normally CTRL+Q is cycling through all disks on your Epoc machine. This macro emulates tap on the system disk selector, thus small window with available disks will pop-up:


  • both orientation of system titlebar is supported.
  • disk list is invoked only in system Shell application, for all other applications this macro is invisible.
  • supports various screen siz
  • NEW in version 1.4: removed title bar orientation autodetection, implemented DiskListSetup that enables user to define orientation manually.


DiskListSetup is new standalone program that defines orientation of the titlebar. Once you save your settings, ini file will be created (c:\system\data\disklist.ini). This ini file is used by disklist macro.

Known bugs:

  • Macro5 quits with kern exec error when Shell's extras icon was invoked. Possibly this is bug inside Macro5 and TaskApp$: function


DiskList (48,5 kB) (Macro5 homepage)